Acrylic or Lucite

Most adult toy online products made of this type of material are simply as hard as a rock. It’s this firm texture that makes Acrylic and Lucite great for PC muscle strengthening adult toys such as Kegel exercisers. This material is also perfect for many popular prostate-stimulating anal toys. It is also used in dildos too, particularly with G spot vibrators to give a firm stimulating effect.

The hard nature of the texture channels vibrations well, giving powerful stimulation throughout the adult product.

Another upside of this type of sex toy is that it may be used with any type of lubricant, silicon-based, water-based or oil-based. The material is nearly indestructible, but can be scratched. The glossy thermoplastic is either injection moulded or cast using a synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate material.

It is a wonderful entry level adult product material. A variety of adult toys are made out of Acrylic and Lucite as vibrators, dildos and butt plugs.

Acrylic or Lucite Sex Toy Product Material

•                     Super hard texture

•                     Easily sterilised

•                     Affordable

•                     Available in a variety of sex toys

•                     Virtually indestructible

•                     Compatible with silicone lubes

•                     Vibrates well

•                     Non-toxic and Phthalate free

Tell Me More About Acrylic or Lucite Adult Products

This formula is more commonly used for basic sex toys, and are found on the adult toy online market for very reasonable prices. They are non-toxic in nature, as well as being Phthalate free. The smooth and non-porous casing is very strong and is imperishable, but be careful putting it on abrasive surfaces as acrylic is easily scratched.

You can also use these adult toys with any water based or silicone personal lubricants. Another bonus about choosing a sex toy made of Acrylic and Lucite materials is that these adult products can be boiled for sterilisation, or use a anti-bacterial toy cleaner. If you are sharing any adult toy then we here at naughty but nice always recommend you use a condom.

Acrylic and Lucite sex toys are cheap, effective and easily sterilised. They make perfect beginner adult sex toys for people who want to try something new, without spending a whole lot of money.