Aluminium Vibrators

Our Naughty But Nice range of adult aluminium vibrators just like glass dildos. These metal dildos and butt plugs are very rigid, which magnifies even the smallest motion. They work well with any lubricant, especially silicone formulas. Warm them with a warming lube before play for a different sensation, or enjoy the slick coolness as is!

Buying aluminium vibrators is an investment in one of the strongest and most durable sex toys, which means that they are long lasting. These slick steel dildos allow for easy penetration and require some lubricant to stay slippery during use. Just like most dildos, aluminium sex toys come in a variety of different shapes that can be used for both vaginal and anal stimulation. Add to your collection of dildos with stylish steel and aluminium toys from Naughty But Nice.

Australia’s Leading Brands Of Aluminium Sex Toys

There is nothing quite like the sensation of cold shiny steel and the range of aluminium vibrators from Naughty But Nice is sure to fill the void nicely.

Keep your stylish new adult toy purchase clean with anti-bacterial cleaner, the only way to clean your toy without fear of infections from bacteria.

If you need to keep you adult toys away from prying eye’s we even have lockable treasure chests. From batteries to lubricants, Naughty But Nice has everything you need, at prices that are sure to please.

Disclaimer:  Naughty But Nice strives to give you the most accurate information on all of our adult products. However, we can not be held liable by misinformation given to us by the manufactures descriptions. Naughty But Nice takes no responsibly for misuse of any adult products.

Always follow the sex toy’s instructions. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor. Be safe, use a condom if sharing any adult products with a partner, and always play responsibly.

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