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The word fetish as applied to sex play is a huge variety of different types of sexual interests, most of which are typically uncommon. While fetishes by their very nature are unusual, some are much more common than others. Some of the most common fetishes fall into BDSM, which stands for bondage, domination, sadism and masochism.

Bondage fetishes involve one partner being bound, typically by handcuffs, rope, or other means, to an object (such as the bed or a chair), or just with their hands behind their backs etc. Domination is a type of fetish in which one partner plays a very dominant role in sex play, usually ordering the other partner to perform specific actions or even physically forcing (however all domination must be consensual, obviously) the other partner to do so. Domination roles can be played by either partner, or switched at times.

Sadism is a fetish in which one receives sexual pleasure from causing suffering of some nature, whether physical or emotional. Masochism is the flip side of sadism, in which one is stimulated sexually by receiving physical or emotional suffering. These can be combined into a single fetish known as sado-masochism when both are experienced by one person. Products for sadism and masochism are often used for bondage and domination, making the category quite popular. These products include everything from bondage gear to whips, electro stim, clamps, gags, and much more.

There are many other types of fetish sex toys used in sex play. All products must be used with the utmost care, as many of them can be dangerous if misused – such as electro-stim sex toys. A good practice for any type of potentially harmful sex play (emotionally or physically speaking) is to have some type of safe word or signal, which once said ends the activity immediately. Establishing rules beforehand is also a good way to ensure that no boundaries are crossed that shouldn’t be, and can prevent a potentially fun evening from turning unpleasant in the event that someone is hurt. So if you are wanting to delve into the world of fetish play there’s no better way to do so then with Naughty But Nice’s range of fabulous fetish sex toys.

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E-stim Cockcage – Black


Remote Controlled E-Stim & Vibrating G/P-Spot Vibrator-Black


E-Stimulation G/P-Spot Vibrator – Black


E-Stimulation Cock Ring with Ballstrap – Black

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