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Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Toys, and a Little Bit of Naughtyness

This is the book that everyone’s raving about. It’s the New York Time’s best seller written by E. L. James, titled 50 Shades of Grey. And at Naughty But Nice we have all your Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys needs covered!

You need not ever feel left out! We carry a range of sex toys and accessories to create your own 50 Shades fantasy, all from the comfort of your own home.

Perhaps you want to explore elements of bondage. Or maybe a bit of slap and tickle or power play. How about simply incorporate some fun sex toys purchases into your foreplay? We have a range of goodies that’ll help you find your own 50 Shades of Naughty.

We have everything you need to create your very own Play Room – from paddles, floggers and crops to swings, restraints, Japanese bondage rope and trusty handcuffs. We’ve got a selection of adult toys to tease and please novices as well as the more experienced.

Within this category we’ve included a few kits that’ll help to get you started. These kits are made to be comfortable and user friendly – especially if you’re just starting out. Some include adult toys online and extra accessories for you to experiment with. The standard kit will usually includes some type of restraint  and perhaps a small paddle or flogger. Other accessories could be eye masks or ball gags.

We have also included several varieties of the famous Kegel balls (also called Duo Balls, Geisha balls, Ben Wa balls) Those silver balls Christian used on Ana in books 1 and 2? – yeah you know the ones. Kegels are not only immensely pleasurable to use – they also have great strengthening properties, to help keep vaginal muscles strong and responsive.

Check out our other sub-categories too! We have several sex toys for him and for her. Personalise your toy box to create a perfect fifty shades of grey fantasy, one that’s designed to match your needs.

It is important to remember, before any BDSM play to have your partner’s full consent. A frank conversation discussing your dos and do-nots will help to prevent any awkward or uncomfortable situations. Establish rules and safe words and always respect your partner’s limits. Avoid playing with restraints under the influence of alcohol or drugs

At Naughty But Nice, we have all your Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys covered!

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