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Saving water has never been more fun! During the water shortage a few years ago, the government encouraged people to share showers to economise on water. Not only is this a wonderful eco-friendly idea, but it’s also a fun way to spice up your sex life with some Adult shower toys and aromatherapy from Naughty But Nice.

Enhanced by our alluring range of Adult toys, a small space makes for challenging and interesting new positions whilst keeping things nice and intimate. We carry a fantastic range of adult toys online, designed to make those positions not only more easy to achieve – but safer too!

Our Sex in the Shower range is designed to withstand wet and dry effortlessly so you can use the toys over and over again. Their range includes handy accessories such as dual shower heads, water-proof strap ons, suction cup dildos and even restraints.

How Do I Care For My Shower Sex Toys?

Check out our Water Safe page to see our range of shower and bath safe toys. As well as fun, water-proof  adult toys, we have a lovely range of fragrant bath oils for you to choose from. These oils are delicately scented to create the most perfect, relaxing and romantic bath experience possible. These quality oils can be used directly on the skin for a rich, moisturising and soothing massage.

Whatever you need to turn your bathroom into a safe and wonderful play room – we’ve got it. In-shower Karma Sutra is now a possibility with Australia’s most trusted range of shower sex toys from Naughty But Nice!

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