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Buying your Blow up dolls online has come a long way, and they are far from the bordering-on-scary dolls of yesteryear.

Flimsy plastic, clown like hair and an unnerving expression are no longer the norm. At Naughty But Nice we strive to give you a sex toy online that is deserving of the name “love dolls”.Gone are the generic faces and the cartoon-like features as well as the stigma that once was associated with buying sex dolls online.

Nowadays the makers of our sex dolls are more aware of the need for lifelike creations. Each one seems to excel to offer the most realistic experience possible. Sure, there is still the odd inflatable doll out there for pranks and parties, but for the most part buying sex dolls online has become a popular option for people who are looking for company without the complications!

Blow-Up Dolls & Lifelike Dolls

Men’s sex dolls aren’t just limited to full-size toys but also include lifelike body parts as well, such as vaginas, asses and mouths. Sex dolls also range from the inflatable plastic variety to sexy CyberSkin, that looks and feels just like the real thing!

There’s even a selection for women, with a variety of real feels and celebrity inspired love dolls for both romance and for laughs.

It has also become a trend for well-known adult stars to give their likeness and name to dolls or vaginas. By buying a matching doll with your favourite adult movie means that the experience can be especially hot. As you watch your favourite porn star, you get to have “sex” with her twin, the love doll that’s designed to look and feel like her!

Just remember to keep your new purchase of a sex toy clean with anti-bacterial cleaner. Treat her right and she will be thanking you night after night, thanks to Naughty But Nice, where naughty gets a whole lot nicer!

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