Lifelike Sex Dolls

Life like dolls offer the user sexual stimulation by allowing you to get hands-free penetration in positions practically the same to those you would with an actual partner (even better – they don’t talk back!!). To the sex doll virgin, the range of dolls can be confusing and knowing exactly where to start can be frustrating. It’s better explore your options before buying to avoid any disappointments with your purchase. Whether it’s for stamina training, solo or partner play, you will find a lifelike doll to satisfy and excite you at Naughty But Nice.

Lifelike dolls are closer to the physical experience of having sex than your average handheld masturbators and the experience of sex with dolls is something many people are keen to explore. Life like dolls also tend to be more attractive than basic blow-up sex dolls. Usually they have their own hair, moulded hands and more realistic features that add to the experience during use. Instead of plain intimate tunnels, they are often equipped with built-in or removable genitalia all of their own.

They often come included with a type of vibrator to intensify sensations, some may even talk, suck or lick. They may also come with some added bonus extras such as an air pump for inflating, a storage bag, renewer powder to keep the intimate parts in great condition after each use etc. To the dedicated buyer, the ultra-realistic sexual simulation that these life like dolls offer is really second to none.

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