Cooling Lubricant

When it comes to buying a lube it can be a little embarrassing for some and for most it can get very confusing. Where do you start? There is no one lubricant that is suited to absolutely everybody. So when you are choosing a personal lubricant we suggest maybe try something a little different, why not something that offers a little stimulation. Cooling sensation maybe?…

Cooling or “tingling” lubricants are becoming more and more popular as people start to become a little more adventurous between the sheets. Similar in style to the warming lubricants, except the cooling tend to make those sensitive bits cold. Adding a bit of stimulation in the best kind of way… A little tingle while you tumble!

Cooling can help bring a whole new sensation to enjoying sex with that nice cool winter feeling in your nether regions. When you add a little bit of that winter bite it can really help to add a little chill of ecstasy to your sex life. With the invigorating effect of refreshing menthol give a cool sensation to help turn up the heat keeping things in the bed interesting.

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