Flavoured lubricants

Flavoured lube in particular is all about enhancing any sexual experience with a little scent and flavour. Up the ante in the bedroom with your favourite flavouring. Whether you’re licking bubblegum flavour off a penis, vanilla cream off a belly button or watermelon off a vagina, the idea of it is to all taste mouth watering good! Transporting both parties into a delectable oral delight that is delicious and completely safe to swallow. Flavours that can range from the fun fruity flavours, to cocktail delights right through to those delightful desserts, the possibilities are endless and there’s bound to be a flavour for everyone! The fun part is in the experimenting.  

Being water-based means these fun flavoursome lubrication delights are completely multi-purpose use and safe to use in all sexual duties – helping to combat friction during our most intimate moments whether it be during solo play, toy play or partnered up play, as well as providing a delicious scent for your smelling (and tasting) enjoyment. Latex safe and toy safe these fun flavours can be used safely during all your sexy times! 

Flavoured lubes are also now available without the harsh chemicals or artificial sweeteners they were known to contain which means no crappy aftertaste! Of course some bodies can still be sensitive so it is always important to do a practice test to be on the safe side. 

The hardest decision can be on which flavours to try first….. strawberry, choc mint maybe crème brulee….  Is it your turn to be the dessert? 

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Wicked AQUA BIRTHDAY CAKE Flavoured Lube -120ml


GoodHead Slick Head Glide – 5 pack

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