Water based lubricant

When we talk about lubricant, water based is usually your safest option as an all rounder. It can can super easy to walk in and just grab the first one off the shelf, however, investing in a great quality water based lubricant is a solid investment for a latitude of reasons.

Being Water based lubricants they are completely safe to be used with condoms, sex toys or just on its own. It is an easy clean up also, that will easily wash out of sheets and clothes if any run off does occur. So no staining!!! It’s an easy accessory to add in during sex play, penetration, solo play and toy play to help enhance the experience. Water based lubricant helps reduce the friction between your delicate skin and the person/object/ or body part that is being used, reducing the risk of pain, discomfort or chafing. 

As water-based lubricants are water soluble they are a breeze to clean up but are not good for water/shower play as they will wash away before you get to start anything! You may also find that depending on how long you play (such as, if you’re preparing for a marathon sheet session), you may need to reapply your lubricant during play. 

With any lubricant we suggest you take note of any specific sensitivities you may have so you can avoid any irritations. It is always recommended to staying conscious of what you are putting on and in your body to help prevent any unnecessary discomfort and it to make it easier to find which water based lubricant that will work best for you and your needs!

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