Plus Size Lingerie

All the new age magazines will try and tell you that the rule is to be thin… But as any real woman knows, this is a complete myth! Very few women can be size 0 and even then, that too comes at a huge cost! Honestly, it is much better to live happily and be healthy at whatever size. Compliment and embrace your curves!

But because of the huge media circus, the petite sizes, even when it comes to lingerie, seem to be what is found at most stores. Does this inevitably leave beautiful, well-endowed women like you feeling less than adequate? Kiss that thought goodbye, RIGHT NOW! At Naughty but Nice online we have you covered ladies with our lingerie collection chosen for the curvy figures, our plus size lingerie range is set to flatter every shape and leave you feeling on top of the world.

Because the truth is that you ARE beautiful, and lingerie can at most times look much better on you! After all, you have all assets that the plus size lingerie shows off in the best way possible… And the best way to achieve that is to pick lingerie that is right for you… And always remember… Lingerie is supposed to make you look beautiful and sexy… And that does not change for you either!

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