Sex Toy Batteries – Naughty But Nice Have Got You Covered!

There is absolutely nothing worse than buying your new adult toys online, getting them into the bedroom, and realising that you have no batteries. That’s no fun for anyone!

Make sure you stock up on the right batteries for your sex toys – extra heavy duty, non alkaline batteries ensure maximum power, without the danger of over working your adult toy’s motor. We have several varieties available, for what ever sex toys you need to power.

Make Sure You Have Batteries And Don’t Be Disappointed When Your New Sex Toys Arrives!

Disappointed When Your New Sex Toys Arrives, Stock up on batteries. Always consult your adult toy manual to ensure your batteries are correctly inserted, and try to avoid leaving batteries in your adult toy when not in use. This can help to prevent any nasty battery leaks that can break your toy. Also, leaving batteries in your toy means that in some cases they can be accidentally switched on, particularly during travel. After buying your new adult toys online you’d hate having the motor burn out because its been going for days in the bottom of your wardrobe or suitcase!

At Naughty But Nice we make buying batteries from our online store the cheapest, safest and easiest way to get your motor running… so to speak! As Australia’s longest running chain of adult shops, you know your dealing with real people and real adult products, without fear of being ripped off.

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