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Vibrators are a great way to explore your sexuality either through solo play or with a partner & nothing beats the silky and seductive feel of silicone!  These days, women are more wary of what they put in and around their bodies, and silicone stands out as one of the most robust and hygienic options for high class sex toys. Silicone is one of the highest-quality sex toy materials available because it is silky-smooth to the touch and strong against wear and tear.

This is a non-porous vibrator material, so it’s super easy to clean and designed to last a long time with the proper care. Best of all, silicone is hypoallergenic and body-safe for women with sensitive skin or allergies to phthalates, latex, and other materials. It’s soft, gentle, safe, and durable. So really what isn’t there to love about silicone?

While basically any sex toy can be used safely  – if ever in doubt  just use with a condom. Silicone vibrators stand out as the top option for play as its less likely to harbor bacteria, is more durable and is very unlikely to tear or scratch like some softer, jelly toys might. Silicone is also pretty much guaranteed to be free from problematic chemicals or materials, because it is a single compound all of its own rather than a mix of many other components.

Generally you can tell a high quality silicone toy by appearance and smell.  Silicone nearly always has a dense, solid colour tone (due to the way the material holds pigment) and will have a velvety smooth surface with little or no sheen.  ‘Shiny’ or clear/translucent sex toy materials often indicate the presence of oil based PVC or plastics, which aren’t necessarily a no-no if used safely, but you do have to take extra care to keep your toy in really good condition when made from those materials.

Silicone is a man made material, but it’s made without the use of fossil based oils like a large amount of plastics. Similar to rubber in terms of its density and durability and is very non-reactive, meaning it is less likely to cause an irritation. Silicone also warms up or can be cooled fairly quickly, so great when wanting to combine temperature play to the bedroom.

The one big thing we cannot stress enough with silicone vibrators is you  MUST. NOT. EVER. use silicone lubricant with a silicone vibrator (did we stress that enough?!). The one thing that silicone does want to stick to is other silicone materials, so if you introduce your new bedroom friend to silicone lube, you will NEVER separate them again! Silicone lubricant will cling to the surface and cannot be washed off, leaving a sticky, tacky feeling. For maximum pleasure always use a water based lube and give your toy a wash in soapy warm water after each play and you’ll be enjoying your silicone for a long time to come.

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