anal sex tips guide

For many people the concept of anal sex is not something that particularly interests them. This could be because of all the misconceptions that can be associated with anal sex. Maybe you think that only gay men enjoy anal sex or use anal sex toys? Maybe you believe it will hurt way too much to even contemplate? Maybe you’ve never even considered the anus as an erotic area? Or maybe you just have no idea on how to actually even do it! Well I’m here to tell you that anyone – whether it be gay, straight, men, woman or couples.

Everyone can enjoy the joys of anal sex play. Especially if it’s done right. If you talk to anyone that does practice this sex act you will most likely find that it in fact feels great!! You just have to get past those initial reservations. The anus is actually an area of your body that has an abundance of sensory nerve endings and pleasure points, which can lead to incredible orgasms. What’s not to love about that?!!

So Why Anal?

Well for men, anal penetration stimulates the prostate (male g-spot), which in doing so can result in deeper, more intense and longer lasting orgasms. In fact, guys you can have an orgasm and quite an intense orgasm at that from stimulation of the prostate gland alone! I bet a lot of you never even realised this…

As for women, you have up to 8000 or so sensory nerve endings found in the clitoris that can reach as far as the anus. So as well as that shared connection of sensory nerves, a thin membrane is all the separates the vaginal cavity from the rectal cavity. Therefore, some women find that touching the anal area or using an anal toy is highly erotic and can lead to more intense orgasms.

So what are the guidelines to Anal Sex?

For Anal play to be successful and enjoyable you really do need to follow some basic guidelines. This is so all parties involved get the most enjoyment possible from the experience.

  • Don’t try it if you don’t want to! Cannot stress this enough.
  • Relax your body – maybe have a couple of drinks to help with this.
  • Go SLOW! Rushing into it is never going to end well for anyone involved.
  • Use a good quality “thicker” lube (Astroglide gel – available at naughty but nice online is our top pick here)
  • Condoms are always a good idea. Safe sex guys!
  • Listen to your body.
  • Listen to your partner! Communication is key!
  • Clean toys thoroughly with a proper adult toy cleaner (again available to you from Naughty But Nice online)
  • NEVER switch an anal toy from the Anus to the vagina – Bacteria guys!!

Be prepared for poop!

Yeah we went there. If you’re going to go that back passage then be prepared for some poop. Whether it’s your first time or your 14th time, poop will make an entrance at some point of your Anal play. It’s Ok, it’s completely natural, it’s just part of the anus. You could keep some wipes handy for that quick clean up and save any potential embarrassment.

Anal sex also opens you up to butt queefs. They’re not farts, no matter what anyone might say otherwise. They may go on for a little while as the air escapes. Just think of the positive – you are a human butt beatbox! Sex in general can be messy, so don’t make a big deal out of it. If you do then any future desires for anal play will go right out the window.

Relax, Enjoy & be Safe!

Experiment with positions. You can lie flat on your stomach, get into doggie-style or do missionary. You can cause more unnecessary pain and discomfort if you use certain positions (that may allow for more deeper penetrations) before you are ready. If you decide on missionary, maybe for a beginner the receiver goes on top.

Inserters who are inexperienced may find this position more relaxing and allows the receiver to have most of the control. Don’t worry about wanting to go slow and gently. You definitely aren’t being a buzz kill who’s squashing his porn dreams of pounding the shit out of a girls butt. Enjoy it.

Getting the tip in hurts the most. The head of the penis is the widest part. Once you get through that and up to the shaft it’ll start to feel a lot better. Can you remember the first time you had sex and it hurt a little (well, for some of us) – a bit like that. Relax your PC muscles (pubococcygeus). Relaxing and constricting this muscle is like the anal version of doing kegels. You can worry about that one later one – right now focus on letting those butthole muscles go. Imagine you’re about to poop (you won’t, maybe….)

Also, remember unlike the vagina, the anal canal and rectum are NOT self-lubricating so any form of anal penetration must have a lot of lubrication. Lubrication is the key to positive Anal sex play. It will make the whole experience easier, more pleasurable for both partners and going without out it can lead to anal tears. Spit will NOT cut it. Get the lube guys!

And finally if you despise it, don’t do it again. If you hate it, you hate it – there is absolutely nothing wrong in that. But most of you might actually be surprised at how enjoyable it actually is and how unbelievably psychologically gratifying it was to watch your partners mind being blown away.