best anal toys

Anal, anal, anal…. Now that I have your attention, perhaps you’re wondering if anal action should become a part of your repertoire? Maybe you’ve been trying to decide if you should give anal sex a try (and even enjoy it!) but don’t know where to start – there’s a few things you should know about anal toys so you can get the best out of your anal experience.

How do you choose an Anal sex toy?

From anal plugs to anal beads, there are many different styles of Anal toys. So where does one start? For a beginner we’d recommend that it should be small and slender. You don’t get a medal for going for that larger one straight up, so start small and gradually work your way up. You’ll know when that feels right. Don’t rush it. Anal toys are made to be comfortable and to offer pleasurable stimulation, but make sure you always use them with lots of compatible lubricant!!

Butt Plugs!

Butt plugs are probably the more known anal toy. Their simple yet effective design makes it a favourite with beginners and advanced users alike. Most people enjoy but plugs as they offer the user a sense of “fullness”. They can be used to stretch the anus before using something a little bigger, like a penis. During orgasm the anal muscles contract along with the muscles of the vagina or penis, making it a more intensifying orgasm experience.

Butt plugs are meant to stay put thanks to its flared base making the anus grip around the neck of the toy. There size can range from as small as a pinkie finger to something as large as a fist. Butt plugs are popular for use as a long term anal stimulation toy and you will find that many people will choose to wear a butt plug while they go about their daily activities. Who knew a trip to the grocery store could be that little bit more exciting!!

Anal Beads!

Anal beads are a strung together, flexible row of beads that graduate in size. Ideal for beginners through to more advanced anal play users, that can be used alone for a unique anal stimulation, during masturbation or during intercourse. Originally Anal beads were connected by a string , however that was an open invitation for bacteria to grow and breed and cause it to break (OUCH!) so now they are more commonly made with much better quality materials like silicone or glass.

The first few beads usually start off quite small and gradually increase with size. They are inserted into the anus and then just before an orgasm, they are slowly pulled out so you experience an intense orgasm unlike anything else!

Anal dildos!

Anal dildos can be used safely for anal play. Just be sure that the dildo has a flared base so it doesn’t get lost! Yes guys, it does happen. You move the dildo back and forth using your hand or a harness to achieve an orgasm. You may find though that dildos might be a little advanced for beginners in anal play. They come in an array of sizes, colours, textures and materials. The choices are endless.

Vibrating Butt play!

Using a vibrating anal toy is fun, easy to use and great fun for beginners through to more advanced anal toy users. They offer the full sensation of a plug but with the added delight of tingles of a vibrator.  We do suggest though that you hold off turning it on until the toy is fully inserted – it just makes the penetration part a little easier.

If you are new to the experience start with one that has a super slim tip that gradually increases in size so it allows you to insert with ease. Turn on your new butt buddy and let the delightful tingling sensation to your sphincter ring turn into the best orgasm ever! Available in an array of sizes and shapes, there’s sure to be one to fit you!

Prostate Play!

The prostate, or p-spot (male version of the female g-spot) is a little hidden gem that is located about two inches into the male anus. Stimulating this can produce better male orgasms than anything else they’ve ever tried. Not to mention the health benefits associated in Prostate play –  It helps improve the blood flow to the prostate which in turn helping with impotence.

Increases the intensity of the ejaculation heightening the sexual experience and can even decrease the risk of getting prostate cancer! Some Prostate stimulators will also vibrate for an added fun sensation. It’s an area just waiting to be discovered!!

Be safe!

Always make sure you clean your anal toys properly with a proper adult antibacterial toy cleaner. For your anal playtime to go as smoothly and as fun as possible ALWAYS use a good quality lubricant that is compatible with your toy. Remember, the anal sphincter is tight and non lubricating and will usually start out unaccustomed to things entering it. So be prepared, relax and take it slow.

The anus is full of nerve endings and blood vessels, so who can blame people for wanting to tap into that stimulation? Whether you decide to venture into anal pleasure is completely up to you, but don’t be intimidated by anal sex toys. They can be used to take your orgasms to whole new level. Now, aren’t you just the slightest bit curious??