Best rechargeable Vibrators

We really are spoilt by choice these days when it comes to quality, functionality and style of adult products that are available these days. One particular style is the range of rechargeable vibrators that we now have the option of choosing compared to their battery counterparts not to mention that price point in comparison – rechargeable toys are fast becoming the much better option. Over the past couple of years we have seen a vast improvement in the quality of rechargeable adult products. They are more reliable, quality designed and ultra powerful. You will find that they are generally made from the highest quality materials which long term will last much longer and are much nicer on the human body. Plus did I mention they usually carry a 12 month warranty, with some brands even offering 5 years!

What are the benefits of Rechargeable Vibrators?

The answer to this is simply – you get more bang for your buck. (well we should say more buzz)… If you take into consideration how many batteries the average household will go through in a year – it not only drains your wallet but those batteries (and let’s face it, you’d go through quite a few. Don’t deny it) also clog up landfills with dangerous chemicals. So really if you want to save money and also save the environment then rechargeable is the much better option. You’ll never have that late night remote battery raid when your adult toy decides to die out at that crucial point. Not to mention most rechargeable adult toys are stronger, last longer, and whisper quiet – No one likes to hear their toy rattle the windows.

What’s best?

The choice is completely yours. What type of stimulation are you after? Is it something you want to use with a partner? Is it for penetration or external stimulation? Maybe you want both! There are so many brands now joining in with the rechargeable market, some at a more affordable prices and some at a more higher end price point (which has all the bells and whistles you could possibly dream of in a sex toy) To give you some help, here are some of the top selling brands:

Evolved – This brand revolutionises quality. It boasts a 5 year warranty on its products and you DONT need to register the toy! (it’s hard enough registering your new fridge let alone doing it for your personal pleasure product). You will pay a little more for this brand but the benefits and peace of mind you get – did we say 5 YEARS! far outweigh the cost. They are sleek, versatile, elegant and available in many playful colours. They are also completely waterproof so you don’t need to worry if you ever want to use your new toy in the bath, shower or even the spa. Evolved has been a leader in adult pleasure products and they continue to grow, offering an amazing range to females, males and couples you can be assured your pleasure is going to be well looked after.

Fun Factory – You can feel the love from this fun brand. Made from 100% high grade medical silicone. Another high end rechargeable range that takes absolute pride in every detail of their product range.  They are lustrous, strong, waterproof and available in an array of bright, fun colours. With a 12 month warranty they have exciting sex toys for singles and couples for all kinds of pleasure play. If love comes from heaven then we have a little bit of heaven right here at Naughty But Nice Online.

Swan Vibe – This exquisite, award winning collection is all class. Swan vibes are one of the world’s first completely 100% covered silicone range that offers end-to-end usage. It’s a seamless, smooth, classy design that offers versatility and limitless pleasure.  Boasting a 12 month warranty, these super charged motors, 100% waterproof masterpieces offer illustrious strength and nothing but the best in advanced sophistication.

We-vibe – We-vibe is the highest selling couples toy worldwide. Boasting over 2 million people worldwide using this amazing rechargeable couples brand. We’d honestly be surprised if you haven’t actually come across this gem via conversation with someone. They not only have one of the best couples toys available they also have an array of high-end rechargeable adult toys so there is something for everyone. We-vibe prides itself on developing intimate products that work in sync with the human body. Knowing that no two bodies are the same, they use state of the art techniques that ensure their products stay at the top of their industry for ergonomic design, performance and quality all whilst remaining eco-friendly and completely body safe.

No Regrets, and look after your planet!

Practical, value for money, quality and stylish – rechargeable vibrators are easy to use. Simply plug in the vibe and wait. Charge time is usually short and sweet and you get hours of playtime between each charge. Most recharge adult products use USB chargers – just like your android and iPhone smart phones.  This also makes it extremely versatile if you wanted to take your buzzing partner away with you on your travels.

Everyone needs to remember that sex should ALWAYS be fun and carefree, never negligent. We can very easily overlook being responsible – not just with our bodies but for our homes and even our planet. By removing the amount of landfill we produce by eliminating the need for batteries by using rechargeable Adult Toys we are in fact taking care of our planet. Which in fact will allow many more generations to come enjoy GREAT sex!! Really, we are just looking out for our descendants!….