best sex dolls

So you want to buy a sex doll? That’s great! And the choices out there are so wide that there’s guaranteed to be one to suit whatever needs you may have. Sex dolls are a great investment in one’s personal well-being. If you’re comfortable with the idea and don’t mind the stereotypes, sex dolls are the perfect sex toy to keep around the house. They are great for that recently separated guy who’s still horny as hell but isn’t quote in the right mind frame to go through all the motions and stress of finding a real woman.

Or maybe you’re that busy guy who works day and night or holds multiple jobs and just don’t have the time for a real partner just yet. A sex doll is the perfect release for all that pent up stress resulting from that hard work! And best of all – the sex is always guaranteed!! They can provide companionship and sexual satisfaction at any hour of the day. But how do you choose which one is for you?

Blow Up Sex Dolls

Blow up sex dolls are the very basic style of sex dolls. These don’t incorporate any type of in built masturbator (it does still contain the holes in all necessary orifices). You can use them “as is” with a decent application of water based lubricant, but you can also pair them up with a pocket pussy of your choice to give a bit more of a realistic feel and help amp up your sexual self pleasure experience. And even better once you’ve finished you can just deflate them and easily tuck it away till next time.

Lifelike Sex Dolls

Lifelike dolls can go a bit more in depth. These sex dolls are a bit more “pimped” out compared to your standard blow up styles. Usually they will have their own hair, moulded hands & feet, much more realistic features that will all add to your experience during use. A life like sex doll is great for all whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced sex toy adventurer,  as it requires no modifications to be sensual.

They tend to be much more attractive and made with much more care and quality. These dolls can come as a whole or even just in segments (torso, butts etc) – so basically you can buy as much or as little as you want! These life like dolls are definitely an investment but one that would never be regretted.

What Makes Them So Awesome?

What isn’t there to love about sex dolls? They’re ALWAYS ready for you. They will never be too tired or have a “headache.” You’ll never have to be concerned about STD’s – although I can’t stress enough the importance of proper cleaning of your sex doll with toy antibacterial cleaner so no funks build up in the orifices.

No one like a nasty surprise. You never have to buy them dinner or flowers – just give them a decent pump of lubricant! and you don’t need to please them either. The sex doll is there for you, and they certainly don’t care about how long you will last with them! You can pound away to your heart’s content! So really, what’s stopping you?