What’s The ULTIMATE Stress Reliever? SEX!

We all know life can get real busy. Kids, work, home, social life. When exactly can you take a moment for yourself? Believe it or not, sex is an ultimate reliever of stress. This can be on your own or with a partner. No one has ever said you absolutely need someone to be able to reach an orgasm. [...]

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Low Libido

Low Libido  Why is it that some woman lose their sex drive? A Low Libido in a woman at any age can be extremely frustrating. But what you need to keep in mind, is the there could be a number of factors leading to it. The main sexual complaint with men is erectile dysfunction, which can be eased with popping [...]

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Prostate Cancer Prevention

Prostate Cancer…. A terrifying reality for a lot of males. The thought of developing prostate cancer is not something that you should let play on your mind. Especially when you can take preventative steps in the comfort of your own bedroom. Prostate cancer is one of the slower growing cancers, and on average affects more males over the age of [...]

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Top Sex Tips for Men

Believe it or not great lovers are made, not born. It takes effort, time and patience. Woman aren’t the easiest creatures to understand on the planet, believe me I know. I am one, and sometimes I don’t even understand myself. So it can be tricky to get an understanding of what works best for us in the bedroom. And regardless [...]

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Cunnilingus Tips – Expert’s Guide To Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus is oral sex performed on women and is greatly satisfying for most women. So if you haven't perfected your oral sex technique, you're most likely going to have some cunnilingus performance anxiety. But when cunnilingus is performed well, it will impress you to a partner like nothing else can. So whether you're a seasoned cunnilingus expert or are a [...]

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Top Sex Tips for Women

Sex… It never needs to be complicated but let’s face it, men and women are chalk and cheese. And sometimes understanding what the other sex desires is not always as easy as it looks. Men themselves are complex creatures (and they say us women are difficult… pfff) but they are also simple in their needs and desires also. Always be [...]

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