Best Rechargeable Vibrators

Best rechargeable Vibrators We really are spoilt by choice these days when it comes to quality, functionality and style of adult products that are available these days. One particular style is the range of rechargeable vibrators that we now have the option of choosing compared to their battery counterparts not to mention that price point in comparison – rechargeable toys [...]

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Bondage Toys – The Ultimate Guide

Bondage Toys Most couples will delve into the world of bondage (BDSM) even if it’s a small as a blindfold or simple handcuffs. The truth is Bondage play can be very kinky (its limits are completely up to you) but also quite romantic and sensual as well. However, if you are a novice then some parts of the bondage language [...]

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Top 10 Benefits of “Sex” Toys

Let us start off with firstly saying that sex toys will never replace that intimate skin to skin contact you desire when you are with another person, but it does come real close.... There is nothing better than combining the two and partake in a threesome with a buzzing buddy. Having great sex helps promote health and well being by [...]

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How to use a glass dildo

Glass has become more and more popular and now the variety out there is so huge, that it’s easy to get caught up in the fad that is glass dildos. What’s not to love? They are functional, have a beautiful visual appeal and the perfect way to experiment in sensory play. The smoothness of the glass plus the smooth penetration [...]

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Best Shower Sex Toys

At some point we have all attempted to have sex in the shower or bath. Sometimes successfully and other times maybe not... let’s face it, the slippery surfaces, awkward angles, and confined space are huge factors to why shower/bath sex goes horribly wrong! There is however, a huge arrange of shower sex toys that are specially made to help make [...]

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How to orgasm with a vibrator

Experimenting with a vibrator can be fun and incredibly enjoyable. It will teach you not only what you enjoy in the bedroom on your own but also what you like while with a partner. First thing you should realise is that owning a vibrator is completely normal! If you at any point feel like its taboo to own one. Believe [...]

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