All About Cyber Skin

There really is nothing quite like adult toys that are made of cyberskin. Cyberskin is very different from all other materials on the sex toy market. This state of the art material is a fairly new creation. Because of Cyberskin, it is now possible to make adult toy products with a true virtual touch texture, which is an extremely realistic feeling.

It feels just like the skin of the human body. If you close your eyes and touch the material, you seriously can not tell the difference between Cyberskin and human flesh.

It’s also an added bonus, adult toys made of Cyberskin are also very flexible and have their own memory. This means the sex toy can recover to its original shape after use. Every manufacturer has it’s own trade name for this material, so cyberskin can also be referred to as UR3 Ultra-Realistic, Real Feel, Jel-Lee or Futurotic Material.

There are many manufacturer’s who use the word cyberskin as their actual business name. Company’s call themselves ‘the original cyberskin’ or ‘real cyberskin’ but essentially they all create the same adult toy material from the same body-safe formula.


•                     Extremely realistic

•                     Flexible and shape conforming

•                     Modern, body safe formula

•                     There are many names for cyberskin

•                     Found mainly in dildos and masturbator toys

•                     Requires a cyberskin powder to maintain feel

•                     Do not use silicone lubes with this material

Naughty But Nice recommends that you should never use a silicone based personal lubricant with any cyberskin sex toy product. Silicone lube can cause the Cyberskin to deteriorate, and shorten the life of the adult toys finish. Unlike many other adult product material, cyberskin is usually only found in a few types of sex toys. Realistic masturbation toys and phallic dildo’s are the usual types of toys made in this type of finish.

Dildo’s in particular benefit well with the super soft finish, making them utterly unique from any other dildo on the market. Cyberskin is  sensitive and slightly more difficult to keep and clean. To make your Cyberskin adult toy last longer, use the specially formulated Cyberskin powder to keep it fresh and life like. Wash them with warm water and any anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.

Then pat dry with a soft towel and allow it to air dry before apply the formulated Cyberskin powder. It;s best to store it in a dry place separately from other toys. Cyberskin is an ultra modern and realistic adult product material.

For anyone wanting a dildo or masturbator toy that’s as close to the real thing as you can get, then cyberskin is the adult toy for them. Cleaning these adult products are slightly more extensive, but if you take care of the toy’s finish it should last you for years.

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