All About Dildos

Dildo’s have been around for about 4500 years and even vibrators have been available for over a hundred years. Only the materials have changed in adult toys today. Sex with a dildo is a good way for women to keep the vagina toned for intercourse. Using an adult toy with a partner present gives way to lots of creative possibilities. There are so many different kinds of dildos on the market that shopping online can be a bit overwhelming. Dildos come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

As with all sex toys, it’s a matter of  personal preference. Because a dildo should never be insert further than is comfortable, never purchase a dildo that is too large. You can always upgrade later, so start small! Once you’ve chosen a size, you need to pick a textured material that’s right for you. Cyberskin is very realistic in texture as it feels just like real skin.

Silicone adult toys are considered the top of the line because they have a non-porous, velvety surface that is hypo allergenic and easy to clean. Realistic’s are made of soft rubber material and are made to look like a realistic skin tone.  Jellies dildos are soft, pliable, and have a colourful, translucent quality. Glass adult toys are solid and inflexible.

They are easy to clean and nearly indestructible, not to mention beautifully crafted. G-Spot  dildos have a rounded end for exact G Spot stimulation.  Non-phallic sex toys don’t look phallic, while cyberskin and realistic’s are designed to look like a penis. Anal Dildos, known as Butt Plugs, are designed generally for anal insertion. They are flared at the base so the sex toy does not get lost.


•                     Dildo’s have been around for thousands of years

•                     Dildo’s come in many shape, sizes and textures

•                     Use a condom if sharing the toy with other people

•                     Start with a smaller sex toy to begin with

•                     Clean with adult toy cleaner

•                     Store in a dry, cool place


Double Ender’s are designed mostly with lesbians in mind, and are used by two women simultaneously. It can also be inserted in the vagina and anus at the same time. Strap Ons have a Harness that goes around the hips or thigh, and have a central ring where the dildo is placed.

Only a dildo with a flared end will work with a harness. Then there are the vibrating ones, which require batteries or better yet, rechargeable adult toys that vibrate for many years and are much more powerful. Because dildos are dry, Naughty But Nice believes that it is ideal to use a personal lubricant with the sex toy.

If you are sharing a sex toy with someone else you should use a condom and never put a dildo that’s been in the anus into the vagina. Your adult toy will last longer and be easier to keep clean if you use a sex toy cleaner and store your dildo in a cool, dry place. Women have enjoyed sex for a large portion of human history. They are a fun, safe way to explore your body and have a more satisfactory sex life.

While all dildos differ in texture and size, buying your adult toys online gives you the chance to get the education you need to purchase the right one. So have a go with a cheap small one or upgrade to something more decadent, which ever way you go your sure to enjoy the experience.

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