how to use ben wa balls

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would’ve heard, read or watched Fifty Shades of Grey. Which means you’ve heard of Ben Wa Balls. Maybe you’re eager to try them and experience for yourself what this craze is? But you must go into this experience with the right expectations, if you don’t then you may make wrong decisions and end up being disappointed.

Health and Fun with Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls, also known as Geisha balls, or Kegel Balls, can start as small as a marble that are all used to help strengthen the pelvic muscle. Coz we all know, No one likes incontinence issues especially if it can be avoided as we get older. They can be connected via a silicone string, have a cordless remote (for those that like that extra tickle) and can also come cordless. Though we at Naughty But Nice would not recommend that particular style for someone starting out. The ones with the retrieval cord make it easy and convenient when removing them – just pull the cord and out they come.

How to use Ben Wa Balls

  1. Before use we recommend that you empty your bladder before inserting the Ben Wa Balls
  2. Use a good water based lubricant (not excessively) to help glide them in.
  3. Lay down if you haven’t used them before, then insert the ball (or balls)
  4. Hold the balls inside you by tensing your leg muscles together and your PC muscles, start out with 15 minutes then increase from there.
  5. Remove the balls by standing up, and gently pulling out by the cord. Cordless styles you can cough, or if you are still having trouble you can sit and bear down as if you were having a bowel movement. Don’t stress about them never coming out. Relax. They can’t get lost in there.

Specific exercise ideas

  1. Start sitting for 15 min then increase duration to 30 minutes. Once you feel comfortable stand u or even do simple chores and repeat.
  2. “wear” your Ben Wa Balls out in public. No one will hear anything so they won’t know what’s happening beneath your clothes. We recommend to only do this once you have complete control of your toys and can comfortably do so out in public. Who doesn’t love being a little risky either!!!
  3. Tug on the cord as you are doing your kegel exercises – this helps increase difficulty. Beginners try this laying down first so you get a feel for this exercise. As you get more comfortable we suggest using heavier Ben Wa Balls.
  4. Thoroughly wash the Ben Wa Balls with proper toy anti bacterial cleaner available from Naughty But Nice.

For Sexual  Stimulation

It’s not uncommon to come across a woman who wears them out in public. It offers an easy and manageable way to strengthen internal vaginal muscles going about your everyday business but also in a cheeky, risqué way. Because Ben Wa Balls are weighted and need to be held in they are great for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Doing this daily will help tighten and strengthen the vagina muscles which can then lead to many benefits including improved sexual experiences as well as improved bladder control. Most importantly, relax and have fun! It’s all part of the experience.