So does size REALLY matter? Well for many men it does, and not only in the bedroom. You may find yourself wondering if your penis is a normal length or an average size, does it satisfy your bedroom partner? Maybe you have a health issue that causes you to have erectile dysfunction? You’re not alone – this is a really common issue for a lot of men. This is where penis pumps come into play. However, to make sure you gain success in the use of the penis pump you need to make sure you choose the device that is right for you.

There are 3 main types of penis pumps – manual (air), battery/rechargeable (electrical) and hydro (water) they will all work in the same general way. They will consist of a plastic cylinder that is placed over the penis, and a vacuum is then created by engaging the pump. As the air pressure inside the tube decreases, the penile tissue begins to swell with blood and the penis becomes erect. This encourages the penile tissues to expand resulting in new cells and enlarging the penis. The penis is then encouraged to remain in this condition for a prolonged period of time, and the growth gain can be permanent.

To avoid any risks of penis damage, we recommend you follow these simple instructions:

  • Start with a slow speed and limited time. If you are beginning out with the penis pump don’t go too hard too fast (excuse the pun there). Take your time. You don’t start up at the gym and run a marathon on your first day so don’t expect the same when “working out” on your penis.
  • Avoid excessive pumping. This is probably the most common mistake men make when using a penis pump. Monitor what you are doing to help prevent injuries.
  • Put on a penis ring once you have completed your pumping. This will help hold the blood in the penis and encourage the enlargement process.
  • Take breaks! Its recommended that you take frequent breaks whilst using the pump as it helps release the air pressure in the penis and improves blood flow.

Steps to Using a Penis Pump

  1. To ensure a comfortable insertion, apply a water-based lubricant to the opening of the pump
  2. Insert the penis into the pumps cylinder chamber. Keep testicles outside of the pump.
  3. Press the base of the pump firmly to your body, creating an air tight seal between your skin and the pump. You may find you might need to trim the hair around the base of the penis so it can sit completely flat against your pubic bone.
  4. Begin to pump. Slowly! Between each pump allow your penis to adjust to the changing of the pressure before squeezing the bulb/trigger a second & third time. Continue pumping until fully erect.
  5. Release the pressure and remove your penis. Check for any unusual discoloration. It may look a bit more purple than usual, but if you notice an serious change in colour or experience pain, then STOP. If everything looks and feels alright, then after a short massage of your shaft (using extra lube of course) you will then be ready to go another round of pumping.  Usually you can do this for 15-30min.
  6. Once you have finished, release the air pressure once again and remove your penis. To prolong the appearance of your new found girth and length. Slip on a soft , stretchy, well lubricated penis ring to the base of your penis. Avoid wearing the ring for longer than 30min to avoid causing damage.

Penis pumps are excellent for increasing the size of your penis and strength of your erections, either temporarily or over time regularly if you continue to work at it. After using a pump, most men see and feel a difference in the girth of their penis more so than the length. Penis pumps are safe to use, but you can find yourself at risk if you do not follow the instructions. Limit yourself to begin with and make sure you are not applying to much pressure to your penis. And remember guys – HAVE FUN!