how to use penis ring

How to Use a Penis Ring

The main purpose of a penis ring (cock ring) is to restrict the blood flow in the penis. Basically keeping your man harder and firmer  for longer, as well as enhancing the look of his genitals it will also give him more intense orgasms seeing as the ring can make him last longer to reach orgasm.

So What Does It Feel Like?

Have you ever tied a piece of string or rubber band around your finger? Your finger gets a warm, pressurised sensation. This is very similar to what a penis ring will feel like.  It creates a sense of pressure, which some men will find quite pleasurable. It’s not always a feeling everyone will enjoy so we are going to break it down so it’s a little easier for you to decide on what style will be safest for you.

Which Material Is Best?

Penis rings can come in every conceivable form and material you can imagine. These include: rubber, silicone, leather, metal, & glass – just to name a few. To give you an idea of just how long the use of penis rings has been around, it was believed that the first “documented” use of penis rings was actually in China, made from the eyelids of goats, with the eyelashes still intact to act as a tickler – of course… (ladies I bet you’re glad we’ve made many advancements in technology since then!)

When choosing your penis ring it’s important to consider what it is you want from it. If you have never used a penis ring before then we would recommend that you try an adjustable, flexible style to start with. These are available in vibrating (for a little extra buzz) or non-vibrating (purely as erection enhancers).

How to Wear It

Penis rings (cock rings) are relatively easy to wear and use. Their main purpose is to restrict the blood flow and give a slightly enlarged look, pronouncing veins and giving the penis a red blush. The ring itself should be tight but not too tight that it causes you any discomfort! Always remember to use a good quality water-based lubricant and apply to the inside of the ring, this will help make sure that it can slide across the penis smoothly and make it easier to putting it into the correct position without causing any unnecessary friction. You should put on the ring whilst the penis is not fully erect, as you become erect, the ring should become tighter.

Some penis rings are worn around the base of the penis and behind the scrotum (for a firm grip), whilst others can just be work around the shaft of the penis. If you notice the ring is causing more pronounced swelling, then the fit is incorrect and it is recommended you remove the ring. Continual use of a penis ring that is too tight can cause numbness, discoloration and pain. This also applies if at any point your penis feels cold. And NEVER wear one to sleep. Always check for these common warning signs to ensure you don’t cause yourself any damage. It is recommended to remove the penis ring after 30min to let the blood flow return to normal before giving it another go.

Penis rings help men get firmer erections and help maintain it for longer (what’s not to love about that!). With so many different variations and styles there is one that will suit absolutely everyone. Why not add a vibrating penis ring into the bedroom and get a boost in the bedroom!