Low Libido  Why is it that some woman lose their sex drive?

A Low Libido in a woman at any age can be extremely frustrating. But what you need to keep in mind, is the there could be a number of factors leading to it. The main sexual complaint with men is erectile dysfunction, which can be eased with popping a pill. When women have a hampered sex drive there can be a combination mental and physical factors contributing to the problem. Women’s sexuality does tend to be multifaceted and at times a little complicated… Go figure…

What can these factors include you ask? Well for starters – Stress. If you are stressed, your body will operate differently. Maybe you might notice you are functioning less efficiently. Stop, Listen to what your body is saying. Are you anxious, or stressed about any of your daily routine. Has something changed to put your whole routine out? Working long days can most definitely leave you drained both mentally and physically, which will then in turn effect your libido. Do you have a low body image? Have you not been able to be as active as you used to be. Believe it or not, exercise helps all those sexual endorphins. If you keep active, you not only feel good, you help increase your stamina, improve your body image, and lift your mood. It’s all those little things that add up. If you can effectively remove or even reduce any of these factors you may just find that oh so sensitive loco – libido return to you. 

Hormones – I can confidently say there’s probably not a single woman reading this that doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Woman are a cesspool of hormonal emotions, and they can hit us any which way.Have you recently become pregnant or are you breast feeding? Our hormones can change so much during this time, that can inadvertently put a damper on the sex drive. This is ok! Let your body do its thing.Maybe you’re going through the opposite end of this scale and find yourself going through menopause. Estrogen levels will drop during the transition of menopause. This can lower your sex drive as well as cause vaginal dryness which can then make sex painful and uncomfortable. To help make sure you use a good quality natural lubricant to help with having satisfying sex. Just remember that medication can also affect the body. If you are on medication and find it could be diminishing your libido, then have a conversation with your doctor. It’s important to understand the effects certain things can have on your body when it comes to your health and to get a better understanding when it comes with dealing with a low libido.  


low libido woman lose sex drive

Relationship Issues – If you are finding you and your partner constantly bickering or have unresolved conflicts then this is going to affect your libido. Sex is a lust. And if you aren’t getting along with your significant other than that lust hormone is going to diminish. Never underestimate the power of emotions. When your heart is broken or even just hurt, your sex drive is not likely to be sending out those fireworks. Women enjoy the emotional closeness associated with intimacy, so not having this is going to cause issues in the bedroom. Communicate with your partner. Couples who learn to communicate in an open, honest way will usually maintain a stronger emotional connection. Talk about your likes and dislikes. Maybe add a little spice into the bedroom. Try a different position. Try a different time of day or location for sex. Spend a little more time of foreplay (yes, this can be a little difficult with children about) If you and your partner are open to sexual experimentation, sex toys can help rekindle that sexual spark….This is the great tool for amazing sexual intimacy. 

low libido woman lose sex drive

Talk about it! If you find you have lost your libido, you may find that talking to someone about it might help. A friend, your partner. If you do find yourself confiding in your partner, just reassure them that you still love them and you still very much enjoy the close contact with them. Open up to them. Talk to them about how you like to be touched and what areas you thoroughly enjoy being caressed. If they can understand what is missing for you they can help you work towards building up your desire for sex. Discussing your feelings with someone is important.   

Women go through so many changes as they age and this is inadvertently going to affect things in the bedroom. A lessened sex drive is not the end of the world. It’s important to understand that. Whether the issue is caused by emotions, hormones or just a natural passing of time – remember there is usually always a solution available. Once you acknowledge the issue you can then start looking for the answer.