All About Lubricants

What is a personal lubricant? It is any solution that is oil, water or silicone based that that is designed to increase motion and stop friction can ultimately be considered a personal lubricant. Personal lubricants were originally derived from surgical lubricants which were designed for use during medical procedures, but are now also used to provide personal lubrication during all sorts of sexual practices.

For some sexual activities it an absolute must have, particularly during anal sex as this part of the body does not produce it’s own lubrication. Also for women there are times that the body just does not produce enough vaginal fluid due to stress, recent child birth, antihistamines, menopause, antidepressants, and cardiac agents to name a few. Any of these problems can contribute to vaginal dryness.

A personal lubricant will make vaginal penetration more pleasurable, especially if dryness is an issue. The use of a personal lube on the inside of a condom can make the sensations delivered to the penis stronger and more pleasurable. Anyone that is using some adult toy should consider a personal lube because of the dryness of the materials. There is absolutely no reason to feel any kind of discomfort during or after sexual activity with an adult toy product.


•                     Personal lubes are designed for internal use

•                     Oil lubricants can break condoms

•                     Avoid silicone lubes with sex toys

•                     Flavoured lubes are good for oral sex

•                     Always check ingredients

•                     For sensitive skin use a natural lube

•                     Find the lube that’s right for you!

Applying a personal lubricant is easy but there are some things you should know. Some lubes can be harmful and some simply don’t work as well as others. The best lubricants are water-based and are especially formulated to be non-irritating.

Water-Based lubes use two main ingredients: Water and Glycerine. This types of lube is recommended by Naughty But Nice for use with sex toys of any nature. Flavoured lubricants is what you might consider buying if your going to be using oral sex during playtime.

Flavoured lubricants are usually water based and vegan friendly, so they are 100% safe to consume. But some flavoured lubricants are for external use only, so read the ingredients to see if it contains sugar, as this can cause infections inside the vaginal tract. Water-based personal lubes clean up with  mild soap and water.

If you are sensitive to using any personal lubricants there are a wide range of natural lube, so there really is a personal lubricant for everyone. Silicone Based Lubricants are very popular, because they do not dry up or go tacky like Water-Based lubes can.

They are a little more expensive, but a little bit goes a long way. They also make a great moisturiser, massage lotion, and can be safely used with all condoms. While they are great to use one thing to bare in mind is they can cause damage some adult toys. If you like to use a silicone based lube, protect your sex toys with a condom otherwise it is highly recommended to use a water-based lube. Anal lubricants are a heavy water based personal lubricant or a gel based lubricant. Some contain ingredients that will help relax the muscles around the area for easier penetration.

Also there are sprays that help. There are many lubricants on the market, and like any sex toy online purchase, which one you choose is going to come down to personal preference. Try different brands and find the one that’s right for you. If you’ve suffered from skin allergies before you should always do a sensitivity test on your inner arm before using a lubricant for the first time.

Lubricant is a must have for many people and will make sex much more pleasurable, particularly with adult toys you may wish to use. Be consumer wise and get to know your personal lubricant a bit better by educating yourself and reading the ingredients first, before use.

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