Pearl Vibes

If you need the very best vibrations, inside and out, then you need a pearl rabbit vibrating dildo. A pearl rabbit adult toy is simple to use. The shaft part of the sex toy sits inside the body, and the rabbit- shaped clitoral stimulator rests outside on the clit.

The shaft of the adult toy can rotate gently, which will caress the g-spot, while the stimulator outside provides a steady vibration to stimulate the clitoris and surrounding areas. The combined result is a strong, focused sensation that can be personally tailored to arouse and satisfy on an individual level.

Most rabbit vibrator designs allow you to choose between the the, internal, external and rotating stimulating controls. Or you can have them all going at once, if that’s what you desire! Many women credit pearl rabbits with powerful orgasms that can’t be achieved any other way.

The size of the adult toy is important. Some rabbit sex toys are quite petite, the delicately placed vibrations are great for beginners. If you are a beginner, using a lube is important. Water based lubricants are best for most adult toy’s. The smaller models are also great if you want to let your partner control the adult toy for you. Larger designs provide extra g-spot stimulation, as well as an internal feeling of fullness.


•                     Rabbit vibes are a popular choice

•                     They stimulate clitoral and g spots

•                     More stimulating options

•                     They come in many sizes and materials

•                     Powerful vibrations

•                     Rechargeable rabbits are a long term money saver

•                     Only use heavy duty batteries

•                     Clean with an adult toy cleaner


For the more adventurous, theses vibrating adult toys give a mighty vibrating that will get to every part of your body. Vibrator, like most other sex toys on the market, can be made of many different types of material such as rubber, plastic, jelly, cyberskin and silicone.

Rechargeable vibrators and silicone rabbits are a top shelf item. They have infinity better vibrations, modern designs and often long warranties. They are worth their weight in gold and can save you money over time. Cheaper versions are great also, but may not last as long as a rechargeable or silicone sex toy purchase, or be as well designed.

We here at Naughty But Nice have got a rabbit vibrator for every size, budget and level of experience. Naughty but Nice recommends you take  care of your pleasure investment. Use only non-alkaline batteries such as a heavy duty battery to maximise the lifespan of your pearl rabbit adult toy, and keep it clean with a specialist sex toy cleaner. Lastly, a good water-based lubricant is essential to get the absolute most out of your new toy.

The carefully designed shape of the pearl rabbit is a beloved sex toy designed exactly for women who want it all in stimulation. If your looking for all of those vibrations, wiggles, twists and turns, then get a pearl rabbit.

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