Penis Pumps

A classic penis pump is a cylinder placed around the penis with a hose that creates suction, which will in turn give you an erection. It does this by drawing the blood into the penis. It not only creates an erection but for many men it will increase the size of the penis. When the airtight vacuum penis pump cylinder is placed over the penis, the blood rushes into the muscle portion.

The muscle tissue then expands to the maximum, breaks down, and then rebuilds into larger, stronger muscles. Penis pumps are an adult toy that have a special medical use for men who suffer from impotency, or are recovering from surgery. These pumps can be used to obtain an erection, but you must maintain the erection using a cock ring.

There are lots of opinions on the issue of whether adult toy penis pumps work. Short term usage will have a temporary effect, sometimes up to several days. But to obtain a long term effect, it takes commitment – just like building up any muscle tissue. The length of pumping session and the frequency you use them are two factors that will determine the best results.

With daily pumping, it may be possible to maintain the effect if you have the time to pump often. Increases in size can vary from individual to individual and most men will see more increases in girth than in length.


•                     Penis pumps can resolve erectile problems during sex

•                     They are a popular device and very commonplace

•                     Used regularly, they can increase your penis size

•                     Lock in the erection with a cock ring

•                     Cylinder, water pressure and electrical pumps are available

•                     Some doctors recommend pumps after certain surgeries

•                     Clean with an anti-bacterial adult toy cleaner


While in the cylinder, the penis can gain as much as 2 inches. The increase in girth should be greater and last for much longer. When used carefully, a pump adult toy is perfectly safe. It only becomes unsafe when too much pressure is applied to the penis. This could result in temporary discolouration of the penis and possible some blisters. Naughty But Nice recommends to go slow and take your time. If any pain is experienced, it is essential to decrease the pressure.

Naughty But Nice has two basic types of penis pumps: the kind you pump by hand with a pistol, bulb or battery-vibrating device, and the kind that is electrically generated. There are also water pressure penis pumps that work best in the shower. For safety sake, please do not use electric pumps in water, only water pressure pumps are suitable to get wet.

Penis pumps are popular to for men with erection problems. With a penis pump adult toy and a simple cock ring, the problem can be easily dealt with. If erectile dysfunction persists, please consult a doctor. It is recommended to clean any adult toy with a sex toy anti-bacterial cleaner, and store in a cool dry place. Solving your erectile issues can be fun!

Get your partner involved in the process and lock it all in with a vibrating cock ring designed for couples. The choices are many, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed as these sex toy devices are common place for men world wide. Give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


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