prostate cancer prevention

Prostate Cancer…. A terrifying reality for a lot of males. The thought of developing prostate cancer is not something that you should let play on your mind. Especially when you can take preventative steps in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Prostate cancer is one of the slower growing cancers, and on average affects more males over the age of 50. However, we are seeing males a lot younger than 50 develop it and affect them much more aggressively. To put it into perspective in Australia alone there is around 20,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed each year. That’s basically one in every nine men will develop this cancer in their lifetime. Scary thought hey?

Let’s be real, a diagnosis of Prostate cancer for many men can be utterly frightening, not only because of the threat of their lives but also the threat of their sexual function. However, if the cancer is detected in the early stages (this is why, it is imperative that you get checked regularly), if it’s still in the Prostate gland, there is a much higher chance of successful treatment with the added bonus of minimal short-term side effects. The treatment of cancer that has spread beyond the prostate is when it becomes much more difficult for success.

The power of Prostate Massage

So, what can you do? Prostate massage. Yes this is a thing. And the great thing is it can actually reduce your risk of prostate cancer! The prostate is a part of the man that when stimulated provides pleasurable sensations. You know how the g-spot on a female works. Well guys, this is your sacred spot. So not only is prostate massage a healthy activity it is also a very enjoyable one also. During the massage, the prostate is stimulated both on the outside against the perineum and also on the inside through your rectum. Applying pressure to these areas helps achieve good results.

Ah the rectum, that taboo spot a lot of males still find a little awkward in venturing into. We get it. But it really is doing your health wonders by exploring it. And this is also why we have prostate stimulators (the vibrating variety in particular are very popular) to help with men who want to do the massaging themselves or with their partner. Using it with your partner is another level of intimacy and trust. Adds even more to the experience. Other added bonuses of prostate massage is that it helps to treat erectile dysfunction. Many men have found it effective in producing more potent ejaculations.

Frequent ejaculation

Frequent ejaculation in some studies has shown that it has reduced the risk of cancer. Example being in a study of men in their 20s who reported ejaculating at least 21 times per month were actually 19% less likely to develop prostate cancer then those who ejaculated 7 times per month or less. And it’s not just the younger ages – frequent ejaculation is men during those naughty 40s also appeared to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 22%! So really ejaculating more often is doing your health wonders.

A prostate massage at least once a month is a great start to leading the way to a healthy sexual routine and a healthy functional prostate.  And to be honest, any men with a swollen prostate could really make use of a prostate massage at least once a week to help reduce the swelling, as well as improve urinary function and ones sexual performance.