Prostate Toys

Naughty But Nice believes the prostate is the one of the most neglected of all male erogenous zones. It’s tucked away beyond the anus, and can be challenging to find. Yet the prostate can be very rewarding for men willing to go looking for it. A prostate orgasm is uniquely affluent and rippling. There is a fuller, more sustained sensation that makes it well worth the effort it takes to find it.

There are certainly ways to make the prostate hunt easier. A prostate wand is a sex toy that makes locating the prostate a lot more straightforward. Most prostate wands are soft with a gentle bend a few inches along the shaft. specifically designed to reach the prostate with the maximum of comfort and a minimum of fuss.

This allows men to manipulate the wand themselves comfortably, without have to bend too much, and it also allows a special someone to insert the wand instead. Start with a smaller toy at first, and stay relaxed. There are also gels available that will relax and desensitise the anal area for beginners.


•                     Prostate play is enjoyed by many men

•                     Adult toys make it easier to achieve

•                     Anal ease gels are recommended for beginners

•                     Lubricant is a must have item for comfortable

•                     Relaxation is the key to enjoyment

•                     Cleaning anal toys proper is important

•                     Antibacterial sex toy cleaner is the ideal way to clean anal toys

•                     Use a condom if sharing between partners


Naughty But Nice always recommends the use of personal lubrication as the anal are does not provide any moisture of it’s own. Once the anus is thoroughly lubricated, gradually insert the anal sex toy probe. Like all anal play, patience and relaxation is the key to success. The specific curve of the sex toy should be pointing towards the navel. Then gently insert the length of the adult toy until a distinct sense of pressure against the prostate is achieved.

Some men enjoy both a firm and sustained pressure, but others enjoy more of a thrusting motion. It often takes a bit of patience and communication, but it is well worth the extra effort to find and play with the prostate area. Naughty but Nice recommends you take special care of any anal adult toy with good hygiene. All anal toys require extra attention to maintain the proper cleanliness.

Use a specialist antibacterial adult toy cleaner to kill off bacteria. It’s important to remember to use a condom when ever your sharing sex anal toys between partners. Prostate anal toys are enjoyed by many men, both straight and gay. Taking the time to explore the natural potential of your body will open you up to a whole new world of intense orgasm and better intimacy with your partner. Choose an anal toy that is right for you and use plenty of lubricant. Relax and enjoy your prostate sex toy. And don’t forget to clean it well!

he chin or mouth of the wearer, allowing vaginal penetration while performing oral sex. Harnesses are available to attach dildos to just about any household object, allowing for many creative ideas and sexual games. It can be attached to a chair, bed, or any other item of furniture. There are also inflatable balls and fuck pillows, which are are also quite popular for solo use as well as couples play.

There are inflatable harness-free strap ons, which are inserts into the vagina and pumped with a detachable pump until firmly in place. This type is becoming very popular with lesbians. Harnesses are available in many different materials, and the choice of which to use depends greatly on individual preference. They can be made of Synthetic cloth, leather, nylon, silicone, velvet or plastic.

Strap on adult toys are great for many types of sexual play, and there’s sure to be one that’s right for you. So shop around and consider the subtle differences in harnesses. And if you feel a harness is not for you, give an inflatable, harness free strap on a try. They really are lots of fun!

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