Rechargeable Vibrators

Rechargeable toys are a class above the rest. We at Naughty But Nice believe that theses classy adult toys are always ready, steadfast, and come with much longer warranties than most other vibrators on the market. Rechargeable toys should be registers with it’s warranty to take advantage of many months of after-care by the manufacturer.

Both discreet and utterly uncompromising, these sex toys are environmentally friendly, and stunningly luxurious. No vibrator online is more powerful or quiet than a rechargeable adult toy. With the rechargeable battery sealed away inside the sex toy, so there is no more ripping through disposable batteries, and no more throwing them into landfill.

Most of these adult toys will give you hours of play before they need a charge, and it’ rarely takes more than an hour or two to recharge them. They are a decadent vibrator, that comes in a surprisingly broad arrangement of sizes, from dainty little adult toys to larger, more decadent treasures guaranteed to have big, succulent vibrations.


•                     Rechargeable toys are high quality

•                     Good warranties

•                     Powerful and quite

•                     Environmentally friendly

•                     Often made with silicone

•                     Only use a water based lube

•                     Rechargeable toys are an investment in pleasure

•                     Take care of your toy with adult toy cleaner

•                     Store separately and in a cool, dry place

Rechargeable sex toys are made from the very best materials available, such as body-safe ABS plastics and soft silicones. They are perfect for people who demand the most hypo-allergenic materials available. Silicone is non porous, environmentally friendly and wholly descendant finish on any vibrator.

As most rechargeable vibrators are usually made with silicone, it’s best to only use a water based personal lubricant.  The soft silicone surface on most rechargeable’s can cause friction if you use a silicone lubricant with them, and it may deteriorate the finish on the adult toy surface. Using lube will add extra slickness to the toy, and for many women a more comfortable ride.

Even a smooth sex toy will feel better with personal lubricant. Naughty But Nice also suggest using an anti-bacterial toy cleaner to keep your toy hygienic, as this will stop yeasts and bacteria breeding on its surface and will prolong the lifespan of your rechargeable adult toy, which is an investment in long term luxury.

Store silicone sex toys separately, and in a cool, dry place. If you don’t want to compromise on taste and quality, rechargeable vibrators are the only way to go.

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