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Believe it or not great lovers are made, not born. It takes effort, time and patience. Woman aren’t the easiest creatures to understand on the planet, believe me I know. I am one, and sometimes I don’t even understand myself. So it can be tricky to get an understanding of what works best for us in the bedroom. And regardless of how expert you believe you may be – I’m telling you now, it can be improved. But don’t stress, we will share a few great tips with you here.

1) The power of kisses

children kissing

Now I’m not meaning go in mouth wide open and eat her face off. Stop it. No one enjoys that. No I mean, remember the good ole days back in high school where you would make out for hours and hours – and that would be the whole point of it. I mean that. Do that. Believe it or not the way you and your partner kiss can say a lot about the connectedness you guys have. My advice – take it slow, taste her. Take the time to really enjoy each other in the most simple non complex but beautiful way. Feel her lips, press your body into hers, hold her, smell her hair. Just take your time. That is what I mean.

2) Extend Foreplay – by A LOT

sensual sexual massage

Foreplay is not a quick rub down there and she’s good to go. Nope just nope. Male and females are very different when it comes to foreplay. For one a females sexual energy begins in the extremities and works its way towards the genitals. Basically I’m just saying in a bit of a fancier way that females take longer to warm up. Guys if you do take the time to “warm” her up the rewards will be amazing. And honestly it doesn’t take a lot. Massage oils, give her a sensual body massage.

Work your hands all over her body but as you get closer to her genital area slowly move away, believe me the anticipation will definitely build up. Maybe try light kisses up her body, gently around her neck and ears – all erogenous zones of the female body. By extending the time on foreplay, you will both have more time to build up into the moment therefore giving a higher possibility to achieve more powerful orgasms and maybe even multiple orgasms. Now really what’s not to love about that?

3) The “other” form of foreplay

chores wife husband couple

You’re probably asking – “what there’s another form of foreplay?” – why yes there is. I’m talking about those common household chores that can sometimes build up. You know, those ones that you hear her get a little annoyed with. The laundry, the dishes, vac the floor, hell even make the bed. It’s really hard for women to focus and turn off their minds if they are surrounded by those pesky household chores.

So fellas – honor yourself, and honor your relationship and help remove those mental road blocks from her mind as much as you can. Pick up/fold the laundry, vacuum, wash those dishes, take out the rubbish! She’ll be very appreciative. Very……

4) The power of words

dirty talking sex talk

Dirty talk. It’s not just hot for you guys but us women don’t mind it too. But please don’t be corny with it. Dirty talk can be hot, real hot – but do it right. Before sex – tell her what you want to do to her. What you want them to do to you. During sex – tell her what feels so good to you in that moment. After sex – tell her what you loved about the experience you guys just shared. We all like a little praise, especially with something as personal as that.

5) Chill down on the porn!

watch less porno no pornography

Now don’t freak at this. I don’t mean completely stop. Some ladies actually do like to watch it along with you. I just mean stop watching so…much….of… Studies have actually proven that watching even a moderate amount can mess with one’s mind (and your ability to perform sexually, cough, cough…) You know when your browsing through a porn, you will actually scroll on through the different scenes in one single viewing session – well guys this causes your mind to create a habit of wanting arousal addiction which means your mind wants constant variety.

Not real great when you’re in the midst of a session with your one partner (and you can’t actually click her through to another person). You will actually find your mind under stimulated and it can be a common cause for men (of ALL ages) to suffer a little erectile dysfunction because of it. Basically, Shorten those porn sessions guys. You’ll enjoy much stronger erections because of it.

6) Make some noise

loud sex

You guys enjoy it when you can hear her having a great time during those hot and steamy sessions. Well us ladies also like to hear that you to are also enjoying yourself. I think the biggest complaint of had from females is that they find their partner to quiet in the sack. This is not the time to be quiet. Your partner will appreciate it if you moan, grunt, growl (in a non creepy way) or dirty talk more in bed. We like to know your enjoying yourself. It’s a big turn on for us.

7) Try sex in different locations

car sex different locations

Sex doesn’t have to be reserved only for just the bedroom. Use your imagination. Sex in the shower (Naughty but Nice online also has show sex toys specifically available to help make this easier), how about in the bathroom whilst your both getting ready in the morning, in the car (and yes the car can even just be parked in your garage still) Really the options are endless. Use your imagination. But also stay a little cautious. No one wants to find themselves on the wrong side of the law for public nudity…. Although would make a great story.

Have a date night – maybe even book a night away in a hotel (especially good if you have children at home) what’s not to love about a night out, a night of uninterrupted passion where you can just wake up, and leave. And for those friskier ideas, how about pulling your partners pants down whilst she’s doing the dishes or prepping food and go down on her right there at the kitchen bench. Do with that bit inspiration what you wish….

8) Go down, down

oral sex

Oral sex isn’t  just for the boys. I think a lot of males see oral sex as a brief pit stop instead of a major destination in itself. So let’s face it. A lot of you haven’t really taken the time to master your skills and work on your energy in perfecting that tongue disco. In a way this is not all bad news for you. Because now if you actually put in a little effort into your approach and technique, then I have no doubt you’ll set yourself way ahead of the rest of the pack.

Not all women are the same (not really a shock though) so yes what made one lady clawing the back of your head at might not really do the same to another. The trick here is to settle in, get comfortable, take your time and listen out for those tell tale signs of what she likes when her body responds in the moment. Don’t rush it. Trust me when I say by the time you are through, she’ll be all kinds of blissed out, doe-eyed, looking at you like you’re an absolute rock star.

9) Touch and Play

couples touch rear bottom ass

Touch your partner throughout the day. You know, grab their butt, when she walks by – give it a fun tap here and there. When your laying on the couch watching a movie – stroke your fingers gently through her hair. Nibble gently on her neck, or when you kiss her, kiss her like you mean it. Touch is such a strong sense. And relationships that have a high touch count are relationships that truly go the distance. That physical contact keeps that sexual simmer going throughout the whole entire day. It really makes your entire relationship an act of foreplay.

10) Share your Fantasies and Kinks!

couples kinky fetish dominatrix

Guys are always asking us ladies what our fantasies are so the same goes with you. Do you know what your ultimate sexual life would be? If so, share it with your other half. Be open and honest. Open communication in any relationship is extremely important for it to be successful. Regardless of how connected you feel you are, they aren’t mind readers. So the only way they’ll know is if you tell them. This means having an open and honest discussion of what you like (or what you don’t) and what you wouldn’t mind trying in the future.

You’d be surprised at how open they might actually be to fulfilling those desires. As for kinks – this doesn’t just mean BDSM, and sex in dungeons. This is a simple as a blindfold, light biting, some hair pulling, spanking and maybe even a little choking. See what you both like. Again, You might be surprised.

11) Have a bedside tool kit!

sex tool kit toolset

I’m meaning the fun kind of tool kit! This is also something you can do together. Massage oils, lubricants (from flavored to long lasting), wrist restraints, blindfold, to a little vibrating bullet. The options are endless but the point is to start somewhere. Honestly, depending how you use these fun tools, they can help amplify orgasms, increase closeness between you and your partner and just add a little thrill to your bedroom routine. And we have all for you here! What’s not to love about that….