benefits of sex toys

Let us start off with firstly saying that sex toys will never replace that intimate skin to skin contact you desire when you are with another person, but it does come real close…. There is nothing better than combining the two and partake in a threesome with a buzzing buddy. Having great sex helps promote health and well being by improving your mood and physically making you feel good. Using a sex toy can spice up a flagging sex life and bring a bit of added fun into your life. Adding the sex toy into the mix will not only make you feel great but it will also promote your circulation and release the “feel good factors” during an orgasm.

No one is being replaced

At no point should any partner feel like they are being replaced. There is absolutely no replacement when it comes to live, human contact. Sexual toys should always be looked at as sexual enhancements. They are a nice and intimate way to help increase the connection to your partner experience. Another misconception to avoid is assuming that your partner will not like the idea of using a sex toy. There is still a stigma in society that makes some people feel like a pervert or that they will be rejected by their partner for suggesting the idea. But if you look at the stats 46-66% of couples are using adult toys in the bedroom. In fact majority of those brave enough to discuss the subject of sex toys, their partners were completely on board!

What are the benefits of Sex Toys?

  1. Adult toys deliver pleasure (particularly the buzzy ones!)… If your partner is happy (and satisfied) then you will be happy too!
  2. Good sex, increases libido
  3. Couple orientated adult toys get people out of the “performance” mindset and more into the “pleasure” mode – KEEPING COUPLES TOGETHER.
  4. Adding a little bed toy can help prevent boredom. Keeping it exciting and interesting.
  5. Do a little show and tell. Show your partner how you like it. There is nothing more sexy to your partner then getting to watch you enjoy yourself.
  6. Adult toys can rejuvenate vaginas. Females can have fluctuating hormone levels which can cause vaginal tightness, dryness and atrophy. These can all cause painful sex and decrease sex drive. Vibrators can relieve these symptoms. Promoting vaginal lubrication as well as improve sexual sensation.
  7. Men can also benefit from the use of sex toys also. Men who use them are less likely to be burdened with erectile dysfunction, difficulty orgasming and low sex drive. Men are also likely to be more aware of their sexual health and take notice of any abnormalities quicker.
  8. Female orgasms can be reached quicker with the added stimulation of an adult toy. On average a male can take 3-5min whereas a woman can take 20min – using the adult toy can even up that discrepancy a little bit.
  9. Sex toys vibrations can save tired mouths and fingers! (we’ve all been there!)
  10. When you use a wand (body massager), this is a great warm up to sex. It is especially good for woman as it helps relax and de-stress before getting in the mood. Paying attention to how your partner responds with this, will make you become more in tune with their non-verbal cues. Sharing is caring! Experience pleasure together will make you feel closer.

There is no wrong reason to want to bring sex toys into the bedroom. Whether it’s to spice up things with your partner or whether it’s to experiment on yourself by yourself. In the end it’s all about improving yours and your partners sexual health and well-being and what’s not to love about that?