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It’s important to take a moment to review the hygiene, safety and maintenance information below to educate yourself on how to properly care for your adult toy. Nothing maintains the cleanliness of your sex toy like a professional toy cleaner. It’s important for your personal health, but also  ensures the lifespan of your adult toy device.

It is necessity for sex toys to be sterilised to the prevention of thrush, urinary tract and other infections. Many people make the novice mistake of using household soaps, detergents and anti-bacterial gels, not realising that these products are unsuitable for your sensitive and delicate regions of the body. Lubricant is practically essential to the safe and pleasurable personal experience of any adult product.

Despite advances in design and technology, any sex toy constitutes as a foreign object in the body, and should be used with a personal lubricant that has been formulated with the correct ingredients for internal use.


•                     Use a toy cleaner to extend the life of the sex toy

•                     Soaps do not kill bacteria on the toy

•                     Oil based lubes are harmful to both body and toy

•                     Water-based lubricants are best to use internally

•                     Alkaline and rechargeable batteries are too strong for vibrators

•                     Use only heavy duty batteries with your adult toy

•                     Store your sex toy in a cool, dry place


Lanolin derived and oil base products like Vaseline and massage oils posses a significant risk to your personal safety and the integrity of your sex toy device. In almost all cases a water-based lubricant will be the only personal lubricant suitable for use with your adult product, especially any type of silicone sex toy.

Many of the products available at Naughty But Nice are intended for operation by battery, so most are still relatively delicate and require a low powered battery in order to preserve the adult toy’s anticipated lifespan. A common mistake is using a high powered lithium or rechargeable battery.

However, these battery types only overwork your adult toy’s delicate internal motor. This can weaken the intensity of your sex toy’s function and shorten the anticipated lifespan. Finally, storing your adult toy in a cool dry place, away from other silicone toy’s is important. For privacy, there are lockable boxes available at Naughty But Nice, which keeps them safe and away from prying eyes.

Now that you’ve taken the time to review the above information your ready to enjoy toy new adult toy product for many years to come. If you have any further queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members at any of our stores across Brisbane.

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