Vibrators Product Knowledge

A vibrator is an adult toy that is designed to massage various parts of the body with vibrations. Vibrators are not for women only, they can be used by men also  for stimulation of both the penis and the anus. They are a sex toy that can offer intense pleasure when applied to any sensitive area of the body. By using a vibrator adult toy on the clitoris it can help a woman during masturbation or sex to reach orgasm.

Internal stimulation with a g-spot vibrator can create an intense orgasm. A clitoral vibrator, or rabbit vibrator, can give a powerful clitoral orgasm that so many women wish to achieve. For men, using a vibrator around the penis area can create a very pleasurable sensation.

Vibrating cock rings and penis sleeves can be used for this purpose. Vibrators can also be used by both men and women for anal stimulation. A vibrator is an excellent complement to any kind of foreplay. A vibrator can help both partners achieve and intensify orgasms. Vibrating sex toys come in all shapes, sizes and materials.


•                     Vibrators are for both men and women

•                     They can be designed for clitoral, g spot and anal fun

•                     Many require heavy duty batteries

•                     The best vibes are rechargeable

•                     There are many different materials used to make vibrators

•                     Silicone is a premium, hypo allergenic sex toy

•                     Beginners should start with a smaller adult toy

•                     Water base lubricants are recommended

•                     Clean with an adult toy cleaner

They usually have multi-speed controls and come in lots of designer shapes and styles. If you have never purchased a vibrator than choose a smaller vibe to start with. Vibrators are designed to produce a number of versatile erotic sensations like the. Massager’s are not to be confused with the traditional vibrating sex toy product. Massager’s are not designed for internal insertion and are primarily used tension relief and to aid in body massages.

They can be used clitoral stimulation however. G-Spot vibrating dildos are specifically designed for female g-spot stimulation and will have a small crook at the top of the adult toy design. Men can also use them for prostrate stimulation. Jelly, silicone and cyberskin vibes are soft and body conforming, while metal, glass and acrylic plastic toys are firm and unyielding. Clitoral ticklers come in two styles: Wearable and hand held. While some can be inserted vaginally, these vibes should never be inserted anally.

Wearable adult toy vibrators are sometimes called a “Butterfly” and usually have a harness to sit the butterfly style vibe over the clitoris. Eggs and bullet vibrators are classic clitoral vibes that target the clit with powerful sensations, and some come with handy remotes for couples play.

Also many couples enjoy vibrating couples toys, which are used partially inserted into the vagina and can be bent up to the clitoris and offer vibrating pleasure for both partners. The physical design of the anal vibrator is smaller in length than traditional adult toys and are styled specifically for anal penetration.

Alkaline batteries are too for vibrating sex toys so only use heavy duty batteries. Better still, invest in a rechargeable vibrator, which will save you money over time and often come with good warranties. All sex toys should be properly cared for with a antibacterial adult toy cleaner. Because of their low cost and versatility, if you only buy one sex toy, then let it be a good vibrator!

Vibrators are utterly versatile and there are hundreds of different kinds to chose from. Use this educational informative guide from Naughty But Nice to help you find the right vibrating sex toy for you and your partner. With a vibrator, naughty certainly does get a whole lot nicer!

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