We all know life can get real busy. Kids, work, home, social life. When exactly can you take a moment for yourself? Believe it or not, sex is an ultimate reliever of stress. This can be on your own or with a partner. No one has ever said you absolutely need someone to be able to reach an orgasm. So whether you are coupled up or flying solo. Have sex, have a whole heap of it. Well as much as you can handle that is.  Have you ever felt stressed in the middle of a climax? Yeah me neither.

Healthy living, Can be a little difficult to get to the gym every day. Just trying to do any type of physical activity to keep healthy and active these days can be difficult. Well having a little bedroom Olympics can get that heart pumping. And depending on your abilities and pure desire you can actually burn upwards of 200 calories in a 30 minutes romp session.

Make it a little interesting and shift things up a bit. Move into different positions. Integrating the different positions will get those muscles moving. Sexual intercourse is one of the BEST workouts you can put your body through. What’s even better is the big “O” that you get rewarded for your hard work. You’re doing your body the ultimate act of kindness.

No one likes to hear the word “moderation” but thankfully this word is not usually associated to the tumble, rumble in the bedroom. Health professionals will never endorse a lifestyle of never ending booze, party poppers and greasy burgers to try and mask your stress. But no one ever said a good cardiovascular workout between the sheets was out of the question. Healthy sex is actually quite good for your heart. Obviously, if you do have a heart condition then we would suggest you get the ok from the doctor before engaging in super charged sex-ercise.

Sex is not only a euphoric feeling. It actually can help relax the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems in the body. It can help lower blood pressure (and let’s face it, who doesn’t have an increase in their blood pressure after the stresses of the day). Your heart will thank you for it. During sex your body releases hormones that will have a domino effect in your body.

Some will be released immediately, whilst others will have more of a slow drip release into the body before, during and after orgasm. This will differ between male and females. (as if we didn’t need to be any more different!) Men and woman will both release serotonin and endorphins. Men will get more dopamine. This is the addictive hormone for you guys. (it’s your body’s own personal drug – but the good kind).

Ladies you will find you will get a quick release of Oxytocin. Guys you also get this, however by the time your body feels it you will most likely be well into sleepy land thanks to the release of Prolactin. After orgasm ladies you will find you will have a lower, more even resting heart rate. As much as we also need emotional support from our partners, it doesn’t quite have that same result like sex gives us. Our bodies crave that physical connection.

Sex (& orgasms) can help improve our overall temperament. If you find yourself with anxiety it can help fight that by restricting the signals that fire off your brain causing the anxiety. Mood swings can be improved with that afterglow (and yes you actually do have a glow – caused by the flush of blood under your skin that’s a natural part of the arousal process. Which in turn can help improve your overall motivation. No wonder you have a more positive outlook on things after sex!

Sex is beneficial in many ways especially in regards to your health & wellbeing. As if the big ‘O’ wasn’t motivation enough to get active in the bedroom, sex has so many other benefits. So get between the sheets. Have fun. Who knew a little loving could boost your overall health in such a surprising way.