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Threesome Tips – The Ultimate Guide To Better Sex

Threesomes (yeah, we are going there) – one of those intriguing things that really is on the forefront of sexual bucket lists for most people. I’m sure if you asked any guy what was on his bucket list I’m pretty certain that a threesome is likely to be the first thing he says (don’t deny it guys..). Why? Well what is there not to love about having not just one but two people in bed to play with you? There’s definitely some practicalities involved to having a successful threesome and lets be brutally honest its fairly easy to fuck things up when it comes to adding a third person into the mix.

Threesomes have been known to tear apart even the serious, long-term couples – sometimes it’s something you won’t see coming until well after the event itself. You need to be confident that both you and your partner are both on the same page and realise that even if you are secure in your relationship still know that you are still risking a valuable relationship by doing so. Communication is the big key here. If at any point during the process either one of you start to feel uncomfortable don’t be afraid to speak up.

First things first you need to find a willing third partner and one that your partner is ok with. Honestly, it’s hard enough getting one person into bed figuring out what turns them on and off, adding a second person can seem like insanity to some. The key to helping with this is if you are really in touch with yourself and what you hope to gain from the experience as well as what all parties involved also hope to get out of the experience. Again this is where communication is crucial. Thanks to dating sites and apps that are available, finding a third has given couples an endless pool to find their elusive “unicorn” .

Another option to keeping it safer both physically and emotionally is to consider a “professional” (yes we mean a sex worker). Not only will they be up to date with all their sexual health and safety they will also have some experience in being able to make it fun for everyone involved. Added bonus that you don’t have the real threat of anyone getting jealous (and you may even pick up a couple of new techniques in the process!)

So how do you decide who chooses? We suggest that you both be actively involved in finding that third party. Guys heres a handy tip – if you are wanting to bring in a second girl we can tell you now, you can offer your input on the girl but in the end its probably safer for all involved if you let your partner have the final decision. This can really help with cutting down jealousy. Plus it can make browsing for potentials more fun, and reassures the person being picked up that yes, you’re all in for it and interested in having a good time. Added bonus tip: if you are a male, and you want your girlfriend to consider the idea of a threesome with another girl, it’s only fair if you offer her the chance to be the meat in a boy sandwich. Just saying.

As a couple it is also extremely important if you spend some time together afterwards – just you two! Do something romantic, reconnect. You have just experienced something together that can be a great rush but can also be followed by an intense fall, emotionally, so take time out for yourselves. And of course, there’s the art of making sure that no one feels too left out during the act. But when it’s done correctly, there’s pretty much nothing that tops a steamy, successful ménage à trois.

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