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Times have well and truly changed. Gone are the average dildos, or your basic vibe. Helloooo to app controlled and wifi compatible toys. Probably a good thing seeing as in recent times we have had to stay the eff home (thanks Rona), which has also seen couples separated by very long distances, for god knows how long. Whether you are finding yourself in a long distance relationship or just fancy spicing things up a bit, you have more options than ever before. 

 So exactly how can we connect sexually with a partner if they are teasingly isolated elsewhere thanks to the world’s biggest cock block? The answer is simply Technology. Whether your partner is living across the country, over the other side of the world, the other side of town or across the room from you, there are app –connected adult toys that will keep you satisfied regardless of the distance between you.   

Gone are the days of face time. You remember that awkward phone sex. You both had to time it together. Find the right schedule for your elaborate skype “dates”. Thankfully, technology is ever-evolving, and thankfully for all of those in Long distance relationships these sex toys can be controlled through a Smartphone app, anywhere, anytime. You may not have your partner physically with you but these toys along with an active imagination, you can pretend very easily.  

Sex is not something that you absolutely require for a strong and healthy relationship (although it is very important), if you are finding yourself going from 100 to zero in the bedroom then you most definitely going to feel its absence. It’s thankfully to these app-controlled toys that couples can be separated by distance and still have a very fulfilling sex life. As long as you are willing to think outside of the box, utilize the magic that is the internet and get creative. So if you are currently in a long distance relationship or about to embark on one, you most definitely can relax. You aren’t going to be thrown into a torturous dry spell. We’ve got you. 

So while these marvellous app compatible adult toys might be very much marketed as a couples’ toy, we can absolutely assure you that you most certainly can still use it alone also. Why should couples have all the fun! These products are a great way to expand your solo sex life. See even in solitude, we can be totally self sufficient (well at least in the pleasure area we can). What’s not to love about enjoying self love without having to lift a finger?

Whether you’re a singleton, cohabitants or disconnected couples, app controlled adult toys have got everything you desire, need or not even realise you want. Even if you do share a bed with your partner every night, these little buzzy devices might even make you consider a solo vacation just to give them a red hot go. They really are that good….. 

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