Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaners & Personal Hygiene

Keep your favourite toys clean and safe with our range of premium quality sex toy cleaners and personal hygiene products from Naughty But Nice!

Antibacterial toy cleaners contain Triclosan to fight bacteria and keeps your personal items clean. Simply buy an antibacterial toy cleaner for all your personal items and then rinse off for maximum hygiene. Our unique cleansing agent gently cleans and disinfects surface bacteria, yet it’s mild enough to use every time.

Soap doesn’t kill bacteria, and in Australia’s humid climate bacteria quickly turns to fungus, which in some cases can completely destroy your new sex toy purchase. Some soaps can be rough on porous toys, whilst coloured soap can stain your new adult toy.

Naughty But Nice Take Personal Hygiene Seriously…

Take Personal Hygiene Seriously! Warm water is fine, but it still won’t kill bacteria, particularly the kind that causes infections and thrush. And we can all agree, nothing is less sexy than a case of the itchy’s!

So buy your anti bacterial sex toy cleaners to avoid any nasty surprises. Our range of personal hygiene products are body safe, and unlike basic hand sanitisers are formulated for sensitive areas of the body.

Whether your buying adult toys for yourself or for your partner you’ll be thankful that you purchases your personal hygiene products from Naughty But Nice, where naughty gets a whole lot nicer!

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Wicked Cleene Antibacterial Toy Cleaner – 120ml

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