Clitoral Stimulation Gel

Female Accelerators, Each Tickle And Caress Is Magnified. Try It For Yourself!

Casanova knew it, and she deserves it, so spoil her with the best orgasms of her life! These specifically formulated clitoral stimulation gels help improve clitoral responsiveness, bring all the feeling to the tiny, powerful nerves both in and around the clitoral area. It compliments any of our sex toys, clitoral and G spots alike.

Female accelerator gels help make the clitoris more responsive than it’s ever been before. Each tickle and caress is magnified, turning the even the most tentative touch into a captivating sensation. You can buy your female accelerators with confidence, knowing it’s both condom safe and hypo allergenic. Buying your female accelerator is like owning a little magic potion. If she’s feeling a little bored on even a little stressed, this intuitive gift is sure to impress your lover.

Try our range of clitoral stimulation gels to Spice Up Your Sex Life, and find out why they are also for women who want to know their bodies better and de-stress at the same time. Letting off steam with a little solo time can be a lengthy  process for some women, and buying this incredible potion can give you that edge you’ve been trying to achieve.

Why not try it with one of our adult toys, for a completely new experience that is sure to give the “wow” factor?

Whether you’re treating your partner, or treating yourself, this is one adult product you should not overlook. At Naughty But Nice we want you to have the best fun you can have, and nothing beats an adult product that would impress even the great Casanova himself.

So what are you waiting for Romeo? Give your Juliet her best orgasms ever, thanks to our range of female accelerators today!

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