Double Ended Dildos

Double dongs, double fun? Double dongs can look slightly intimidating to begin with, but we promise you they really are not. When you look at them you’re probably thinking why? Well, why not? We get that they aren’t the most well known, out there product. It’s essentially a dildo with two heads on it. We get it. And to use it you would assume one would need a certain amount of fitness as you are both in charge of keeping this item in your vaginas (or butts) and maintaining some kind of rhythm so it will almost looking like a sexual game of tug of war. What’s not fun about that? 

These fun adult sex toys come in an array of lengths, colours, textures, shapes and thicknesses. The beauty of these is that you can use it on your own but you can also use it together with your partner. There really is a smorgasbord of options. So if you tend to be a little put off by the ‘realistic’ dildo’s that complete with veins and testicles, never fear – has got you many other options.   

Double dongs are usually a standard prop when it comes to girl on girl action. But the beauty with this product is that you can very easily use it on your own. It has that extra length to hold or insert, or you can use it as a double penetrator. But it can also be used together with someone you want to share the fun with. The options are completely up to you. Use your imagination. And always make sure you use it with a good quality lubricant and adult toy cleaner. 

There’s always plenty of room to share when it comes to these adult toy essentials. Thankfully as time has gone by, people of all sexualities are discovering the delights that these double ended dildos can bring to a session of sexual fun. Whether its bum-bum, bum-vagina or vagina-vagina they are a super versatile, multi faceted adult toy for both men and woman. Again don’t forget the lube!!

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