Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex toys are simply adult toys that are designed especially for those who want the stimulation of anal pleasure. The anus is an erogenous zone and causes incredibly strong erotic sensations. Most anal adult toys are intended for everyone, including heterosexual men and women, gays and lesbians.

You can indulge your erogenous zone with great sensations that are provided by anal dildos, vibrators, beads, butt plugs and other anal adult toys.

These anal toys come in many sizes and shapes, as well as material. Silicone anal toys are highly prized, as this material is not only hypo allergenic, but easily sterilised. It’s rare that a silicone sex toy will have any seems, making them totally sealed and bacteria free.

New up is glass and metal anal toys. These too are easily sterilised and come in some very fashionable styles. Most anal toys are convenient for travel, unexpected flings, and everyday use.

They tend to be smaller than other toys, but if you want something a little larger there are inflatable anal toys and larger butt plugs to try. There’s also anal training kits, that typically come with three butt plugs of various sizes. This allows you to try the smallest one first, before moving up the scale to larger sizes.


•                     Many people enjoy anal sex

•                     There are lots of different anal toys available

•                     Using an anal ease gel is good for beginners

•                     Lubricant is very important during anal play

•                     Stay relaxed and stop if discomfort occurs

•                     Never put an anal toy into a vagina

•                     Use a condom if sharing with a partner

•                     Always clean you anal toy with antibacterial toy cleaner

•                     Anal douches will clean the rectum before play

For beginners, it’s important to consider an anal relaxant, or “anal ease” gel. This offers a small amount of desensitisation, without loosing sensation. Remember, anal sex should not hurt, so keep relaxed and stop if your not having fun! Another must have for anal sex with adult toys is lube.

The anus does not produce any natural moisture, so a good water based lubricant is an absolute must have item to go with your anal sex toy purchase. For health and safety reasons, never place an anal toy in a vagina after it’s been in the anus, as this will most certainly cause a serious infection in most women.

It’s also highly recommended to use a condom, particularly if your sharing the adult toy with another person. After you have had fun with your sex toys, it’s important  to clean them thoroughly. There are a variety of adult toy cleaners on sale at Naughty But Nice that will kill any bacteria that’s left behind after soap and water.

While metal, glass and silicone can be boiled to sanitise, it’s often a pain to do, as it require separate kitchen ware and some time waiting for it to boil away the unwanted mess. It only takes a few moments to keep your favourite toys in good condition with a anti bacterial sex toy cleaner. For a more personal clean, there are anal douches, which will clean out your rectum before playtime begins.

Anal douches can be a fun foreplay before anal sex as well, it’s a popular choice for couples who wish to enjoy this type of sexual stimulation. Anal sex toys are fun, when used properly. Many people enjoy sexual intercourse in the anus area. Cleanliness and relaxation will always win the day when it come to playing with any anal sex toy, and communicating your needs to your partner, both during play and when picking out a sex toy will ultimately give you the great anal sex your looking for.

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