best shower sex toys

At some point we have all attempted to have sex in the shower or bath. Sometimes successfully and other times maybe not… let’s face it, the slippery surfaces, awkward angles, and confined space are huge factors to why shower/bath sex goes horribly wrong! There is however, a huge arrange of shower sex toys that are specially made to help make these awkward banging sessions a breeze. And who doesn’t like to get a little slippery when wet!

Come to grips!

First step is positioning yourself for shower sex. Limited space and slippery tiles can make it difficult & maybe a little dangerous. Thankfully we at Naughty but Nice online have this all sorted for you. The sex in the shower range has created some amazing shower sex products that allow you to grab onto something when there is nothing to grab onto. From foot rests, suction handles, to dual shower heads. This range offers you the perfect leverage to help you experiment all new positions safely. Might we add the foot rest is a handy little companion when you are shaving your legs. No more knicks to the knees or sliding legs down the wall!

Suction play

The handy bonus to shower/bath sex is that the slick surface makes playing with suction based sex toys a whole lot of fun. Even better is that now a days this range is huge. And from suction non-vibrating dildos to vibrating suction dildos in a array of colours and sizes there’s an option to suit each and every need! These adult sex toys have been purposely made with your water-based pleasure in mind! A little hands free fun never hurt anyone….

Not just for the ladies!

Water play is not just for the ladies. Most women have experimented using a shower head to masturbate, but did you know that this strong stream of water also feels great for him? Have you considered taking in a waterproof bullet (styles such as evolved little dipper or pillow talks flirty are great little companions for both him and her) and using this against the base of his penis during oral sex play. This will stimulate and encourage blood flow, giving him a stronger erection. Switch roles and use the bullet on her under water for a fun aquatic activity set to create wave after wave of pleasure.

The Bathmate hydro pump range is also a top recommended male adult product from Naughty but Nice Online. The Bathmate is a top quality male penis pumps available and works by harnessing the natural power of water to help you achieve successful desirable results in a safe, comfortable and efficient manner.

Keep it slippery

Water does have a habit of washing away your natural body fluids so it’s a good choice to have something that will keep you slippery when playing in the shower/bath. Silicone lubricants are a great choice as they are water resistant and long lasting. It’s as easy as putting a little into your hands and rub into your body! It is important to remember though that silicone lubricants and silicone toys don’t mix!

Many people will admit that the bathroom is the perfect place to escape a crowded house and the only place you can find a little privacy. Whatever the reason, couples and singles no longer have to rely on the erratic placement of the soap dish, the random height of shower heads or end up with a cold metal tap lodged in their nether regions to achieve sexual satisfaction in the shower/bath. We have everything you need have a hot and steamy time so you can focus on what feels good. Getting sexy and clean at the same time can be a whole lot of suds up fun. Come get wet!!!