Toy Clean Up

After you’ve finished having your fun with your new adult toys, it’s very important for you to clean up. There are a number of sex toy cleaners available at Naughty But Nice that will keep your collection of adult toys as happy as the toy keeps you!

It only takes a few sprays of sex toy cleaner to keep your favourite adult toys in excellent condition. Keeping you and your lover in good health is essential to any sexual activity.

Here at Naughty But Nice we feel that a hospital grade anti-bacterial toy cleaner that is specifically formulated for sex toys will ensure the necessary hygienic standard of your adult toy device.

With adult toy cleaner, you get the peace of mind knowing that you are conducting your sex toy play in a safe and hygienic manner. Hand sanitisers and soap may deteriorate the toys finish.


•                     Soaps can destroy the adult toy finish

•                     Hand sanitisers are too strong for sex toys

•                     Bacteria can ruin your adult product

•                     Toy cleaner keeps your toy lasting longer

•                     It only takes a second to clean with a toy cleaner

•                     Silicone and glass toys can be boiled

•                     Boiling your toys is time consuming

•                     Health and Safety matters!


While some toys made of glass or silicone can be boiled to sanitise, this may be a problem for couples with kids, or people living in share house situations. Boiling the toy takes time and equipment. But with a basic toy cleaner, you can have the job done within seconds! Soaps also do not kill bacteria, and coloured soaps may stain the sex toys finish. Bacteria can quickly result in a build up of fungus or mould, especially in Australia’s humid temperatures.

You may also wish to invest in some personal wipes so that you can clean yourself up after sex or playtime with your sex toy products. These wipes are convenient for travel, as well as unexpected flings and everyday use. These wipes are great next to your bed to avoid those disruptive, unromantic runs to the bathroom. Once you have had your adult toy fun and cleaned up yourself and your sex toys, you’ll be ready to play again tomorrow!

Get the right cleaning product for your adult toy collection.  Naughty But Nice has made available a wide variety of sex toy cleaners suitable for your adult product. It takes less than a minute to destroy harmful bacteria while protecting both you and your adult toy. Buying an adult toy is an investment in personal pleasure, so take care of the adult product that takes care of you!

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